Author: Willy Madison

The 10 Commandments of Great Sleep

Sleep is one of, if not the most important factors for living a healthy lifestyle. Even though we all feel the effect a bad night of sleep has on our bodies, a lot of use still make choices that put our sleep at risk. I decided to create the 10 commandments of great sleep, in order to help you make the right decisions when it comes to sleep. The 10 Commandments of Great Sleep: Remember thy bed time: Establish a sleep routine with a regular bedtime and waking time. Thou shall not make idols: Turn off your electronic devices 30 minutes before...

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Sleep Infographic: See How You Compare

At Slumber Cloud, one problem we hear a lot is people’s difficulty to control their body temperatures. People toss and turn all night because they are either too hot or too cold, then wake up feeling like they have not caught a wink of sleep! If you have this problem too, don’t feel like you are alone… Check out this sleep infographic and see how you compare to other sleepers.   Being able to identify the issue that is causing bad sleep is one of the most challenging steps in becoming a great sleeper. But, after you have found the issue,...

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Sleep Tips: Are you a Hot or Cold Sleeper?

Have you taken the Hayden or Cayden quiz  to see if you are a “Hot” sleeper or a “Cold” sleeper? We want to help you find ways to get the best night’s sleep possible, so we have found some interesting sleep tips to help you get the sleep you need, no matter if you more like Hayden or Cayden. Here’s a link to the quiz: If you are more like Cayden the “Cold” Sleeper, you might be known for always stealing your partner’s covers or cranking up the heat at night. Try these tips to stay warm at night: Just like...

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Slumber Cloud Blogger Reviews

Recently we have had a ton of product reviews on multiple blogs. We have decided we would pick our 3 favorite Slumber Cloud Blogger Reviews to share with you. If you have been following us on Facebook and Twitter you might have seen some of these already. If not we want to make sure you see them!   Baby Sideburns: Karen at Baby Sideburns did it again! She has reviewed our products in the past, but this time she has reviewed our Dryline Mattress Protector. She decided she needed the Mattress Protectors for her son’s new bunk bed. Read her hilarious review...

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Weather’s Effect On Our Sleep

As we inch closer to winter, the days begin to shorten, and the temperature starts dropping. All these changes in weather can really affect your body. I want to help you understand weather’s effect on our sleep. The last thing our bodies need is to lose sleep over the weather. Soak In the Sun One thing I notice almost daily is the decrease in sunlight. As the days get shorter during fall and winter, we see less and less sunlight. You might even find yourself rising before sunrise or not leaving work until it is dark outside. Most of...

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