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Build a Bedroom Oasis

    How To Build Your Own Bedroom Oasis If you’re anything like me, your living room is for entertaining guests, your dining room is for accommodating family, and your laundry room is a place you avoid. But your bedroom? That’s for you. While so many of our decorating decisions in other rooms are about staying on top of trends, bedrooms should be the place we really focus on what makes us happy. From picking the perfect mattress for the way you sleep, to choosing decor in perfect harmony with your personality, your space should reflect whatever makes you...

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Sleeping in Space. How Do Astronauts Do It?

01. SLEEPING IN EXTREME CONDITIONS We’ve all been forced to sleep in some less than ideal conditions a few times in our lives. But for some professions, extreme sleeping conditions are part of the job description. Considering the fact that our bedding utilizes a Certified Space Technology™, we thought it’d be best to examine how our friendly space companions retain a sense of normalcy and comfort in one of the most extreme sleeping conditions, sleeping in space. 02. THE NUMBERS SPACE STATION SPEED (mph) AVERAGE AMOUNT OF SLEEP (HOURS) HEIGHT ABOVE EARTH (mi) 03. SPACE OR BUST Living 250...

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Guest Post: Sleep Patterns of Top CEOs

For this guest post, one of our good friends, Eugene, explores the sleep patterns of some of the world’s most successful CEO’s. Eugene is the creator of, a website dedicated to providing its readers with the best sleep news, industry trends, and mattress reviews. We all know how important sleep is. A good night’s rest is essential to recharge for the next day and it has a huge impact on our health, happiness and of course, our work performance. Ever wonder how the most successful CEOs sleep? How do they manage to catch a peaceful shut eye while they...

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Guest Post: The Value in a Sleep Palace

For this guest post, one of our good friends, Nick, explores the value of a great night’s sleep. Nick is the creator of Sleepy Deep, a website dedicated to providing its readers with the best sleep information, so they can learn everything they need to know to get the best possible sleep. The Value in a Sleep Palace If you’re anything like me, you are always on the lookout for a great deal. However, always being on the lookout for deals means our minds are primed to save, so when we are ready to make a purchase we almost...

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How To Get Great Sleep While You Travel

From air travel to the hotels you stay in, the travel industry is becoming obsessed with helping customers get a great sleep. With configurable beds in hotels and noise-cancelling headphones on airplanes, companies are doing everything they can to sell sleep as an amenity. Armed with new “sleep programs” and a bounty of additional sleep accessories, the question still remains, is the travel industry doing enough to help you get a great sleep? It’s common knowledge that airplanes can be the most difficult place to get sleep. But airlines such as Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways, and Delta Airlines are...

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