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Best Bedding for Night Sweats

Night sweats are not just unpleasant. They occur due to more severe underlying conditions or problems. Of course, waking up drenched with sweat or finding your bedding soaked with sweat can be detrimental to your sleep pattern as well. In fact, night sweats often lead to some forms of insomnia, keeping you from staying asleep through the night so that you don’t receive the proper amount of restorative sleep. It’s important to first find the cuase of your night sweats There are multiple causes of night sweats, some of which can be remedied and others that can’t. Certain medications...

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Trends in the Bedding World

Design and comfort are ever evolving concepts, and humans tend to be finicky creatures anyway. With new options available all the time, trends come and go. However, when something is really a hit, it tends to stick around for a long time, perhaps just being improved upon rather than negated or replaced. This is true, especially in sleep and bedding trends.   As humans, we are also constantly searching for the best possible sleep, and often, this leads to design elements in the bedroom, as well as the comfort of our mattresses and bedding. Knowing what is available, what...

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Guest Post: Tips To Fall Asleep

This guest post is from our friend Pippa Duncan, a writer for She takes pride in helping people get a better night’s sleep, and was so excited to offer some great tips for all of you to use!   How To Fall Asleep Fast When You’re Not Tired We’ve all gone to bed and spent the next few hours tossing and turning because our body just doesn’t want to shut off. If you are anything like me, when in this situation you would like to know a few tips and techniques that can help relax the body, and...

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Sleep and Athletic Performance

We want to take the time to thank everyone who followed along during our week long series exploring sleep and athletic performance. Below, we have compiled all the posts into a single post for your enjoyment! Or read each of the posts separately: PART 1: IMPACT OF SLEEP ON ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE PART 2: SLEEP AND ATHLETIC RECOVERY PART 3: SLEEP DEPRIVATION AND ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE PART 4: THE BEST SLEEP ENVIRONMENT FOR ATHLETES Part 5: NAPPING AND ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE PArt 6: The Best Sleep Products For Athletes Exploring SLEEP AND ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE Athletes will do pretty much anything in order to gain...

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Best Sleep Products For Athletes

Today is the final day of our week long series exploring sleep and athletic performance. We want to take the time to thank everyone who followed! To reach peak athletic performance, athlete’s most focus on their sleeping environment. THE BEST SLEEP PRODUCTS FOR ATHLETES Every athlete knows how important the right equipment is to their performance. Now that sleep is at the forefront of your athletic routine, it’s important to make sure you have the best sleep “equipment”. Heres our picks of the best sleep products for any athlete trying to boost their performance: TEMPERATURE REGULATING PILLOW COVERS How...

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