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Black Friday Through Cyber Monday Sale!

All weekend, from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, we are offering all our customers 20% off everything on And when we say everything we mean EVERYTHING…temperature regulating mattress pads, cooling pillows, sheet sets, pet beds…and more! But wait, it gets better. If you spend $100 or more, shipping is on us. That’s right, FREE shipping. So whether you are buying something for yourself or for someone else, temperature regulating bedding has never been such a good...

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7 Ways to Sleep Better…Starting Tonight!

Your eyes open and you remember that last night you tossed and turned over and over again. You roll out of bed feeling a little rough around the edges. By the time you leave the house you still have not fully woken up. Today will be a long day. Sound familiar? So many of us experience sleep disturbances that keep us from a restful night’s sleep. Think about what is stopping you from sleeping well. Maybe you were too hot or too cold under the covers. Perhaps your partner kept pulling the blanket away. Maybe you had a stressful day and could not shut your mind off. The good news is you can do something about it. Start to sleep better starting tonight! 1: Sleep better…keep a sleep schedule Try and go to bed at the same time everyday. Doing so promotes a healthy sleep cycle meaning you will nod off quicker when your head hits the pillow. If you find that you have not fallen asleep with in 15 minutes get up and do something else (reading is a great idea) until you feel tired. 2: Sleep better…watch what you guzzle! Skip the late night bowl of cereal but make sure you don’t go to bed feeling with hunger pangs! Feeling full or hungry can stop you from falling asleep. We all know caffeine is also big no...

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Clean Bedding Properly Without Causing Damage

Cleaning your Slumber Cloud bedding regularly is essential for both health and happiness. Failing to regularly clean bedding can damage the fibers in the material and cause bacteria to accumulate. But how do you wash all the component parts of your bed without causing damage? Read on to find out about the best way to clean bedding. Clean bedding: How to Keep Your Sheets Fresh How often you need to wash your sheets depends on your sleeping habits. You will want to wash your Slumber Cloud sheets more often if you perspire in your sleep, if you sleep naked, if you share a bed with a partner, or if it’s the summertime and you don’t have air conditioning. Once a week is ideal, but every two weeks works too. Sheets absorb sweat and the skin cells you shed in your sleep, so having clean bedding is essential for your hygiene. On a mental and spiritual level, having clean sheets makes your bed a more inviting space, which can help turn your bed into the sanctuary you need it to be for a good night’s rest. Wash sheets in warm water and add a dash of baking soda to deal with any stains or discoloration. Another way to extend the life of your bedding is to have two or three sets of sheets that you rotate weekly. Finally, dry your...

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4 Tips for Matching Your Bedding to Your Bedroom

The bedroom is an area for rest and relaxation, but it can also be a place of both solitude and romance. How do you create a space that is appealing to the senses yet promotes good sleep? Here are four tips to make matching bedding and bedroom décor a breeze. Creating a Sleep Environment Where bedroom design is concerned, comfort must be considered before fashion. Yes, the room needs to look good; but the room needs to feel good. When you work on the design of your bedroom, ask yourself, “is what I’m doing with the design going to help or hinder my sleep quality. In order to improve sleep quality, it is important to keep several design elements in mind. You should always make sleep and comfort the bedroom’s top priority…it is your bedroom after all. To maximize the comfort factor, you should ensure that the bedding is comfortable and washed with unscented detergents. Make sure that the room can be made completely dark with heavy curtains or blinds. You can also gain tremendous benefit from a sleep environment that is uncluttered and a cool, comfortable temperature throughout the sleeping period. Our temperature regulating bedding is a huge help here! Classic Bedding Never Goes Out of Style Classic colors and styles can be fashionable now and for years to come. Funky and more modern looks can be difficult to maintain,...

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Outlast Technology: How Thermocules In Our Bedding Help Regulate Body Temperature

Do you have trouble sleeping because you find that your body’s temperature fluctuates from hot to cold during the night? Regulating your body temperature during sleep is an important part of gaining restful sleep, which is why Slumber Cloud employs a patented technology that uses comfortable bedding materials that can also stabilize your body temperature through the night. Here is a brief history of the Outlast® Thermocule™ and how this bedding technology helps manage your thermal regulation. Outlast Technology At Slumber Cloud we use Outlast® technology in our products so that you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep, because of the increased level of comfort our bedding provides during the night. Outlast® technology allows the material to absorb the heat your body gives off during sleep, store it, and then release that heat back to the body if you get cold during the night. How Does Outlast® Technology Work Exactly? The technology in our bedding begins to work when the body’s microclimate begins to change, or in other words, when the space between your body and your bedding creates either a colder or warmer environment. For instance, when you become overheated in bed, your body will get rid of your excess body heat by sweating, in order to naturally cool you down. Outlast® technology can absorb the excess heat your body is creating and store it in patented microcapsules...

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