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Lose Weight While You Sleep!

I’m in absolute awe of my friend, Angela. Over the last year she has lost 155lbs (yes, you read that correctly), and she continues to get closer to her goals by following the Medifast plan (they did not pay me to mention them) and making all around better choices in her life. In short, she is a rockstar! The other night, Angela and I were texting and the topic of the dreaded scale came up. As you can see from the screen shot below I was telling her that I no longer get on my damn scales”so I don’t get frustrated.” Her response was simply, “…I just stand still and then drop a couple of pounds after sleeping in Saturdays, lol!” …[silence on my end followed by a quick intake of breath before having the following conversation in my head]  LOL?!? You mean to tell me that you can lose weight while you sleep…? That’s not funny, that is AWESOME! This late night conversation got me thinking:  1) I should be asleep since it is 11pm; and 2) is she on to something here? So, the next day I began my quest for substantiating evidence. I found a multitude of studies on the topic of sleep and weight loss but I focused on two in particular. One of the studies is from the University of Chicago and the other is a joint project...

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One essential way to help your kids sleep

As a mom of two little boys I have to admit, I’M TIRED! They keep me on my toes from morning till night and although I love them to pieces, I really look forward to their bedtime. At our home, their bedtime equals time to unwind and enjoy some of that elusive “me time”, so I often wonder how I can help my kids to fall asleep faster and sleep better… …Overall, my boys are good sleepers  and we’ve  been spoiled. I’ve even been caught bragging about how well they sleep (I know, send me a nasty email later)… Well, this week that bragging has come to bite me in the butt. My “good sleepers” have been waking up a few times a night  and in turn, disturbing my dreams about the beautiful clouds over the beaches of Mexico. YAWN!  So when one of my favorite sites, MindBodyGreen posted about a nutrient that helps kids sleep I held open my tired, sleep deprived, eyes and had a read. Here is the little tip that I found and I had to share: An Oxford University study published in the Journal of Sleep Research showed that by raising the levels of DHA (more commonly known as omega-3) in children, they not only had fewer night wakings and enjoyed a better quality of sleep but some experienced an increase in sleep duration by nearly one hour....

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The Best Bed Clothes For a Better Night’s Sleep

Choosing the best bed clothes to wear to bed can be difficult. You want to sleep comfortably without getting too hot or too cold. Follow these tips and start enjoying peaceful, refreshing slumber each and every night. Master a your bedtime routine Before we talk about bed clothes, spend some time reevaluating your sleep routine. What you wear to bed is only part of the bigger sleep picture. Make sure you get into the habit of doing the same things before bed and avoid the common pitfalls that lead to a bad night’s rest. Avoid drinking too much, and try not to use electronics right before bed. Instead, try taking a bath or reading a book, and if you feel hungry, make sure to eat a healthy late-night snack. Consider wearing your bed clothes before you actually go to bed to remind your body that it is time to relax. Also, make sure your sleep environment is primed to help you drift off to sleep by keeping your bedroom dark, cool, and quiet. Choosing the Best Bed Clothes Choose bed clothes that are made of breathable materials like cotton and silk. They will keep you cool and comfortable. Try to avoid tight-fitting bed clothes or ones with tight elastic waist bands. On the other hand, avoid bedclothes that are too loose. You don’t want to toss and turn all night...

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New and Improved Cumulus Cooling Pillows

Great news! We have just released our NEW AND IMPROVED Cumulus Pillows. Made with Outlast® technology, these cooling pillows mitigate night sweats that come with pesky temperature fluctuations, as well as hot flashes, by absorbing excess heat to keep you cooler during the night. The Cumulus Pillow is now available in three different sleep styles for stomach, back, and side sleepers! The Cumulus Soft Pillow Offers the perfect support for those that prefer to sleep on their stomach. The Cumulus Medium Pillow This pillow has a medium-weight fill, offering cooling comfort for those that like to sleep on their back. The Cumulus Firm Pillow This is recommended for those who regularly sleep on their side and are looking for a more support while they sleep. Double your cooling pillow’s effect! Pair our cooling pillows with our Pileous Pillow Cover and you’ll double up on your cooling pillow’s heat absorption capacity and have the perfect place to rest your...

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How much sleep do Olympians need?

Whether you’re gold medal-winning bobsledder or an average skier who hits the slopes a few times a year, the key to great sleep can be found in the sleep regimen followed by Olympic athletes. WebMD recently published a great article on how to how to sleep like an Olympian. Check out the main takeaways, try them for yourself, and wake up everyday ready to win the gold! How much sleep do Olympians need? Eight hours of sleep is standard with 7.5 to eight hours of sleep being the optimal amount. However, you don’t have to be an Olympian to warrant 8 hours of good shut-eye. We can all benefit from a couple hours more rejuvenating slumber each night! Noise can greatly impact sleep No surprises there! However, there are certain noises (like doors banging in the Olympic Village), that are extremely disruptive. What is the solution? Try masking sounds with a fan. Sleep in low light Doing so prompts the body to release melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone that is only released under low-light conditions. Sleep in a cool room Your body temperature follows your circadian rhythm, reaching a minimum temperature right after you go to bed. An overly warm room will cause you to overheat in bed and you won’t sleep well. Temperature-regulating bedding can you help keep you close to your optimal sleep temperature. Snooze alarms are the enemy of good...

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