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6 Things to Consider when Buying a Pillow Online

If you’re considering buying a pillow online (or in store) you obviously know you won’t be able to touch and feel then in advance, so I’ve put a few things to consider during your purchasing process: Consider Your Own Size Our pillows come in a three sizes: standard, queen and king. Many couples who share a bed will use the same size pillow for both sleepers. Although two similarly sized pillows might look good on your bed, that choice might not be the best for both bodies. Instead of choosing a pillow that fits your bed, choose one that fits...

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Couple Sleeping Positions – Are you an incompatible couple?

I love hearing stories from our customers about how they sleep with their partners.  Couple sleeping positions are so interesting! One sleeps hot, the other sleeps cold; one likes to spoon, the other does not.  Well, Good Housekeeping did a piece on how couples sleep, and in the spirit of those customer that share their sleep incompatibility and sleep position stories with me, I wanted to share this fun info: 1. Liberty: Connected and secure in themselves, this position shows both closeness and independence. 2. Cherish: This position shows a couple is relaxed and comfortable with each other — common in...

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Fitness Goals and Sleep

Did you know that fitness goals and sleep are closely related? Whether your fitness goals are to lose weight loss or gaining lean muscle mass, Michael Anders from SHAPE UP Fitness & Wellness gives some advise that you can sleep on. Things You need to Know Sleep deprivation can affect your body’s insulin sensitivity You will feel an increase in appetite You will feel a decrease in satiation after taking in food Cortisol levels don’t change in total numbers but you have more exposure throughout the day. Testosterone production can be reduced by 10-30% after just a couple of days with sleep...

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We Finished WHOLE 30 and Survived

For the month of January, my co-worker, Diane and I made a vow to do the Whole 30 program together and I’m happy to report, WE DID IT. Not only did we do it but we did it without any cheats and without killing one another. If you haven’t heard of Whole 30, here is a snapshot into the rules for 30 days and then I list out a few things I learned during my 30 day adventure. THE RULES No Grains No refined sugars No Alchohol No Dairy No Legumes (this also means no peanuts, which was the hardest part)...

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Top 5 Reason People Call Slumber Cloud

People call Slumber Cloud a lot! We get a lot of calls with a lot of stories, questions and sometimes even some insight into family drama! Do you think you’re alone in your sleeping issues? Feel lonely no more as you read the issues others are having and some possible solutions. Top 5 reasons people call us for help. 1.  “My mattress is hot” If I had to guess the percentage of people that call us to seek help about the heat build up in their mattress, I’d say it is about 70% of all of our calls.  With the different...

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