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What’s better: a Mattress Pad or Mattress Protector?

Which products is best for you, the temperature Regulating Mattress Pad or Mattress protector? To start I want to discuss the difference between our mattress pads, the Nacreous and the Cirriform. Then I will discuss the mattress protector. Cirriform Mattress Pad This mattress pad has a layer of Outlast® heat managing technology that is covered with a 300 thread count, 100% cotton topper, for a soft breathable comfort. This product has a Gold rating. Nacreous Mattress Pad/products These products have a layer of the Outlast® heat managing technology but has a 350 thread count, 50% Outlast® viscose/ 50% cotton...

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Slumber Cloud Certification Levels: What They Mean

To put it simply, the more technology in the product, the better it performs. Think of Slumber Cloud certification levels as a glass of water with ice. The more ice you have in the glass, the longer it is going to stay that optimal temperature. Silver Certified These products compliment the Gold and Gold+ products. Silver products have a lower level of heat managing properties and therefore are a perfect compliment to the Gold or Gold + certified products. Although it can be used a the stand alone heat managing product on your bed, for a throw or a sheet set but...

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Why We Use Outlast Technology

Do you have trouble sleeping because you find that your body’s temperature fluctuates from hot to cold during the night? Regulating your temperature during sleep is an important part getting better sleep, which is why Slumber Cloud selected a proactive, patented technology that helps balance your skin temperature throughout the night. There are many reasons why we use Outlast Technology. It doesn’t just wick your sweat away, it actually helps reduce those ups and downs of temperature to help you reduce sweating. Pretty cool, right? So, how does it work?  Here is a brief history of the Outlast® Thermocule™ and how this...

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Fall Asleep in 1 Minute? The 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise

A few months back, I’d read about 4-7-8 breathing that says it can help you fall asleep in 1 minute, or pretty close. Not to sound like a pessimist but I’ve always been told that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is… So I really just brushed it off. Well, after more references to the technique kept coming up I decided to try it myself. Before I explain the exercise, please note that this breathing is recommended whenever anything upsetting happens – before you react. Use it whenever you are aware of internal tension, anxiety or stress. It...

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5 Ways to Survive Daylight Savings Time

Whether you agree with the ritual of daylight savings or not, the truth is this first week of daylight savings is brutal.  So, I have been doing a bit of research on how to survive, until that wonderful day when they get rid of it all together (wishful thinking on my part).  Anyway, below are 5 tips to survive daylight savings time given by Tempur-Sealy and UNC this week (Side note: Tempur-Sealy sells a range of beds that also carry Outlast technology. We love them). Ok, here we go. So I agree with some but I have put in my...

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