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Best Sleep Positions for Couples

Best Sleep Positions for Couples (And some not so good ones too) Whether you are trying to achieve a better night’s sleep with your partner or figure out why you always end up on the floor in the morning, this guide to the best sleep positions for couples will definitely help. Dive into the list to discover some of the most common ways to cuddle with your bed buddy, and maybe a trick or two on covertly stealing the covers. The Positions The Spoon Whether you are the big spoon or little spoon, this is on the most common...

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Breakfast in Bed: Three Ingredient Granola

Breakfast in Bed Three Ingredient Granola 07 February, 2018 Breakfast In Bed About Katie Katie Moseman is a writer, photographer, and recipe developer whose work can be found on her blogs, Recipe for Perfection and Magnolia Days, and in numerous national publications.  She is the author of Fixin’ to Eat: Southern Cooking for the Southern at Heart, and she lives in Florida with her family. We’ve teamed up with recipe blogger Katie Moseman, to publish this tasty recipe. Her expertise and delicious recipes are a hit on and offline, and we are happy to bring you her Three Ingredient Granola...

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DIY Headboard Ideas

DIY Headboard Ideas A curated list of 7 fantastic headboard designs Maybe you have a guest room with a basic bed and no headboard. Or maybe you are just in love with weekend DIY Projects. Or maybe you are just tired of lining the edge of your bed with pillows so that you don’t hit your head on the wall *anymore*. Either way, it’s time to get a headboard. So why not make one? Sure it takes a little time and effort to find the best DIY headboard option, but what good things don’t take time? I mean, it...

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Insomnia Causes, Effects, and Solutions It’s another night of staring at the ceiling. Unable to calm your mind, your thoughts go from yearning for sleep, to asking why it won’t happen, to wondering how long until sunrise, and back to the urge for rest. Again and again, you toss and turn pleading with your body to just drift into the slumber you so desperately need… to no avail. This can be the typical night of someone suffering from Insomnia. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, about 10% of the United States population suffers from chronic insomnia. That...

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Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Should Be to Sleep More

Why Your New Year’s Resolution Should Be To Sleep More Each year it’s the same story: millions of people make New Year’s Resolutions on the 31st of December only to fall short before the first week of January has even come to a close. It’s easy to see this pattern as a lack of willpower or *ahem* resolve on the part of those who fail to follow through on their goals, but that mindset doesn’t really help anyone get things done. Sometimes you can’t just “try harder”. Instead you really should just sleep on it. You see, in an...

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