If you sleep 8 hours a night that means you are spending 175,200 minutes a year on your bedding, and if you ask us that is a pretty big commitment. This much time of your life deserves care and consideration, which is why we recommend asking yourselves these 6 questions to help guide you buy bedding for a better sleep. 

Why are you looking for new bedding?

As you embark on the hunt for new bedding ask yourself why are you looking in the first place. Is there anything about your current set-up that isn’t adding to a restful slumber or are you simply wanting a new look and feel?

While asking yourself this question, think about if there are any physical elements that cause you to sleep poorly. It is important to think about what physical elements you can change to create the perfect night’s rest, and what the best bedding to help do so is.  

Check out some common issues and solutions below! 

What are you willing to invest?

While researching new bedding you may find yourself combing through a plethora of options in all different price ranges. It’s important to think about what you are willing to spend and on what pieces. If you find yourself looking for new bedding due to sleeping hot, you may not need to get a whole new set at once, instead research if there are certain products that can have a larger effect, such as a cooling mattress pad

When considering the investment you are making in your bed list out each piece of bedding and prioritize them, and determine what you’re willing to spend on each. If you’re looking to purchase multiple items check your desired retailer and see if they offer bundle options to help you save on your purchase. 


Do you have a mattress that requires special features?

Small, tall, outside, or anything in between – do you have a mattress that has special features that may eliminate options for you? For example, you may have a mattress and mattress topper that make your bed taller than some mattress pads or protectors may be able to accommodate.

Another special feature that you may have is a split king mattress. For this, certain items such as sheets may limit you on choices of retailers. For sheets, you may have to look specifically for an option that provides 2 fitted sheets, but only one top sheet.

Do you have a partner you’re sleep-incompatible with?

If you share a bed, do you find one of you is a hot sleeper kicking off the blankets while the other is a cold sleeper wanting to pile the covers sky-high? Instead of giving your partner the boot, look into what options there are to adjust to both of your needs. 

For example – if you battle between the temperature consider bedding that utilizes temperature regulating technology that will adjust to differently for each individual.  

Is there a return policy or trial period?

You don’t truly know something until you sleep on it… at least not in the bedding world. When evaluating your bedding options ask about return and trial period policies. Retailers should be dedicated to making sure you get a better sleep whether that be using their products or another company’s. Seek out companies who put your best fit first and will easily work with you to refund you if you’re unhappy. 

What are others saying?

Dig deep into the reviews. Before you make your purchase see what others are saying about the product you’re interested in. Try and look for reviews where people had similar challenges that you’re trying to overcome with you’re new bedding to ensure confidence in your purchase. 

It’s easy for a company to talk the talk, but let consumers show you the walk. 

Share with us in the comments what questions you find most important when looking for better sleep and new bedding!


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