Sleep during the holidays? Ha!

With Hanukkah starting at sunset on the 16th and Christmas about a week away, the stress levels seem rise with overbooked calendars filed with fun filled holiday gatherings, decorating/prepping for family to arrive. And for many of us with small children, we now have a new stresser: the Elf on the Shelf®. I lose sleep worrying that I have moved him to a new location. Ugh!

With all of these fun things happening in the same month, I’ve found that sleep is something we seem to put on the back burner.

With this reality, here are 5 tips to make the little sleep you are getting be meaningful sleep.

  1. If you must have a cocktail or two. Try to cut them off about 2 hours before you plan on going to bed. Although you may fall asleep quickly, the alchohol is a stimulant and may wake you up later in your slumber.
  2. Set the temperature in your room.  According to Dr. Chris Winter of Huffington Post, science dictates that temperatures between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal sleeping conditions. This helps your body get into a more restful night sleep.
  3. Get movin’! Even with events at an all time high, do your best to get in even 30 minutes of exercise. It helps
  4. Get comfortable.  Make sure you bed is conducive to sleep.  Block out as much light as possible and make your bed nice and comfortable. We recommend bedding that helps balance temperature so you get more rest.  If you share your bed, these products help keep you both at the optimum temperature.
  5. Get the kids and pets out of your bed.  They tend to toss and turn which then makes us restless.

May your holidays be filled with lots of sleep, lots of love and lots of wonderful experiences for making memories!


Sleep Well