You may be tempted to throw on layer after layer of wool blankets, and down comforters in your quest to build the perfect winter nest. Resist the temptation! Here are 5 reasons to consider buying cool bedding this winter…

Cool Bedding Winter

1). Too many layers can make you sweat in bed

As you lie under all those layers your body temperature rises resulting in sweating as your body attempts to cool down. Not only is this uncomfortable, it can also lead to the chills as you begin to cool down too quickly. Instead of piling on the covers, choose bedding that will keep you close to your optimal sleep temperature.

2). Heated bedding is expensive, cool bedding is not

Do you really want to spend money on a heated mattress pad that costs a fortune and contributes to your utilities bill? Temperature-regulating bedding offers a better night’s sleep compared to heated bedding, and is also affordable and environmentally friendly.

3). A comfortable bed is one that uses a cool bedding system

By investing in a complete bedding set you are greatly increasing your bed’s ability to provide you with a comfortable night’s sleep. While buying a heated mattress pad will keep you warm, you can’t beat the combination of a mattress pad, sheet set, and pillow that are designed to be used together for utmost comfort!

4). Cool bedding will keep you comfortable year-round

Save yourself the bother of switching your mattress pad and comforter each season by investing in bedding that you can use all year round. Temperature-regulating bedding will keep you comfortable by keeping you warm when its cold and keeping you cool when its hot. Simple.

5). You and your partner sleep at different temperatures

Some people like to kick off the covers, and some like to snuggle down under them. If you or your partner sleep at different temperatures, bedding that will keep you both comfortable is a must!

Choosing the right bedding is an integral part of a great night’s sleep. Maximize your comfort this winter with Slumber Cloud’s temperature-regulating bedding!