In today’s post, Heather shares with you 5 simple benefits of napping that will help increase productivity from the Mayo Clinic & her own experience as a mother.

My kids often fight me when it’s time to go down for a nap. I’m pretty sure they fight back because they think they’re going to miss out on something fun and it feels like there is no way to convince them otherwise. I’m not going to lie, I’ve even said to them, “you’re going to wish you took these naps when you’re older!” Who am I? My mother?  I’m sure I’m not alone when I say this, but if someone said to me, “Hey Heather, it’s nap time,” I’d be asleep before I closed the blinds.

Ok, so I can’t convince my kids to nap but I can recommend to you (I’m sure without a tantrum) to try and squeeze in a little nap.  I promise you won’t miss out on something and the laundry, dishes or whatever your to-do list entails will still be there in 30 minutes.  That is one promise I can keep.  Now, here are 5 benefits of napping, according to the Mayo Clinic:

  1. Improved performance:  Your response times increase as well as you memory
  2. Relaxation: Helps with stress, which we all could benefit from
  3. Improved mood
  4. Reduced fatigue
  5. Increased alertness

BONUS:  A nap can actually help you with night time sleep deprivation, says, Sara C. Mednick, PhD, sleep expert and author of Take a Nap! Change Your Life.

To get the most of your nap, here are two more things to note:

  1. Keep your nap around 10 to 30 minutes: To me, this seems short but although it’s been awhile (pre-kids), I can relate to that groggy feeling you get when you’ve slept too long.
  2. If possible, nap mid afternoon (around 2-3pm): If you’re someone who works the nightshift, the best time to take this nap is about an hour before your shift is going to start.  It should help you be more alert while on the job.

Happy Napping!