The bedroom is an area for rest and relaxation, but it can also be a place of both solitude and romance. How do you create a space that is appealing to the senses yet promotes good sleep? Here are four tips to make matching bedding and bedroom décor a breeze.

Creating a Sleep Environment

Where bedroom design is concerned, comfort must be considered before fashion. Yes, the room needs to look good; but the room needs to feel good. When you work on the design of your bedroom, ask yourself, “is what I’m doing with the design going to help or hinder my sleep quality.

In order to improve sleep quality, it is important to keep several design elements in mind. You should always make sleep and comfort the bedroom’s top priority…it is your bedroom after all. To maximize the comfort factor, you should ensure that the bedding is comfortable and washed with unscented detergents. Make sure that the room can be made completely dark with heavy curtains or blinds. You can also gain tremendous benefit from a sleep environment that is uncluttered and a cool, comfortable temperature throughout the sleeping period. Our temperature regulating bedding is a huge help here!

Classic Bedding Never Goes Out of Style

Classic colors and styles can be fashionable now and for years to come. Funky and more modern looks can be difficult to maintain, over time, because funky can become un-funky pretty quick. When you are contemplating a bedroom style, classic is always a good choice. Our bedding products are design with that classic look in mind…we even have a super-luxurious quintessential classic, the Stratus Damask striped sheet set! To spice a classic style up just a bit, choose accessories that offer more flair: for example, choose a fun and colorful lamp shade to balance stark white bedding.

Find the Balance Between Solids and Patterns

For someone who has never decorated a bedroom before, figuring out what goes well together and what does not look so great can be a challenge. One of the keys to matching bedding with the rest of the bedroom decor is to balance the patterned items with the solid items. For example, if the bedding is a floral pattern, then don’t choose floral wallpaper and a floral rug. In this case, offsetting the floral bedding with solid painted furniture and fairly plain walls could work well.

Strike a Match

Matching does not mean making an entire bedroom one color. Work with what you have when it comes to design. If a piece of furniture would look better in a different color, then simply slap on a coat of paint and make it work. Add a new cushion to the bedding that ties in the colors of a favorite piece of artwork, for example. Keep it simple and you’ll find that matching can really be a lot of fun.

Remember that the bedroom should be the most comfortable and relaxing space in your home! If comfort is balanced with the right bedding for the job, then you will be well on your way to a better night’s sleep.