This one goes out to my fellow feline friends.

For my first blog post I wanted to introduce myself, along with a recent problem I’ve had to deal with. Although I love both dogs and cats a few years ago I decided to adopt a kitten. All was well between the two of us until I recently, when I moved into a studio apartment. In the past my cat, Athena, has been allowed to freely roam the house, but now when she roams the apartment, she wakes me up multiple times a night. After doing a little research, I have 3 tips to keep your cat asleep at night so you can as sleep well and wake up refreshed.

  1. Establish a bedtime routine: Cats are social animals, and they crave attention and love from their owners. Try your best to get up and go to bed at roughly the same time each night. Also indicate it’s bed time by turning of the TV, lights, and turning on the Fan if that’s how you sleep. This will help your cat adjust to your schedule, and they’ll be more likely to rise and fall with you.
  2. Change how you feed your cat. Did you know that when a cat is fed it affects their sleep schedule drastically? Neither did I. Oftentimes, if a cat is being particularly pesky at bedtime or early morning they’re simply hungry. I’m not saying you should feed your cat more, but instead change how and when you feed your cat. Try feeding your cat shortly before bed as part of a routine. Think about it like you’re at Thanksgiving dinner, after the meal you have to do everything to keep your eyes open! We’re all more likely to sleep after we’ve had a nice meal.
  3. Widen your cat’s world.“I’d suggest they enrich the environment so they’re not the only source of the cat’s stimulation and activity,” Dr. Buffington says. “Add feeding puzzles, window perches with bird feeders outside, cat videos, etc.”  By keeping your cat busy all day instead of taking multiple “cat naps”, they will be more likely to sleep at night.

If none of these work maybe what’s keeping them up is the same thing that keeps us tossing and turning all night… temperature regulation. Checkout our pet beds which are also made with interactive, dynamic Outlast® technology that keeps your pet at the optimal temperature.



Rest Easy,



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