Do you ever wonder if you and your partner are compatible in bed? And no, I’m not talking about getting frisky between the sheets, I’m talking about being sleep compatible. I’ve compiled a list of 3 signs you and your partner are incompatible so you can make the necessary changes for a great nights sleep.

1. Your Always Complaining About Temperatures:

Maybe one of you is always hot so you run the AC constantly while the other freezes their butt off. Or  maybe you wake up every hour freezing because your partner has stolen the covers! If this is your issue, then you’re in luck because it’s much easier to fix than some other problems. You need to look into getting quality temperature regulating bedding, not just a “cooling mattress pad” for the one of you who sleeps hot!

2. Your Partner’s Snoring:

How many times is it acceptable to lose sleep because of your partner snoring? We say 0. A typical way people deal with a snoring partner is by sending them to the dog house. But we think there are some better solutions, so we found a list of Snoring Remedies for you to try out!

3. Your Back Hurts:

I think most of us have heard that the wrong mattress can cause back and joint pain. If it’s difficult for even 1 person to choose the right bed, how can you expect both you and your partner to find the right one? This reminds me so much of my poor Grandma. She has had to sleep on PLYWOOD BOARD, because my Grandpa can’t tolerate any traditional mattress. If you need some help finding the right mattress for BOTH of you checkout these tips.

I hope this helps you realize that even if you’re doing everything right, it might be your partner to blame for your poor sleep. We would love to hear some personal experiences you all have had, so comment below! Also be on the lookout for a blog post soon about tips to stop some common partner incompatibility issues!


Rest Easy,