Slumber Cloud Affiliate Program

The Slumber Cloud Affiliate Program is a service that allows participating websites to earn commission on sales referred to using specially tracked links provided via our dedicated affiliate program. After you apply for our program and are accepted as an affiliate of Slumber Cloud, you may place links via banners, widgets, text links and other tools or creative on your website. When your visitors click through to the Slumber Cloud website via these links, that visitor is tracked within a 30 day cookie window until they place an order. When an order is placed by such a visitor, the order is associated with your website as the referring source and your Slumber Cloud affiliate account is credited a commission for the order. So the more visitors you refer to Slumber Cloud and the more of those visitors who convert into Slumber Cloud customers, the more you get paid – and unlike many other websites, you get paid each time that customer places an order within 30 days of clicking on your affiliate link, not just the first time!

Ready to join the team? Apply to become a Slumber Cloud Affilaite by clicking the "Signup" tab located on the lefthand side of this page and complete the form. If you are approved our team will be in touch shortly with details on how to get started!